Friday, January 15, 2010

Heart for Haiti

My heart is filled with anguish and despair for those in Haiti. It is so hard for me to even sleep thinking that so many people are suffering in such horrific ways. My prayers are going out to everyone. My brother just returned from Haiti before this happened and I cannot even imagine how I would feel if he were there during this.
I just read the blog of Molly Hightower who passed away in the orphange she was working in. What a beautiful human being. Her family must be so proud of the hero that she is. She was truly loving her neighbor as herself.
My heart has always been and will always be with the orphans. I pray that God allows me one day to serve them in whatever capacity he would have me to.
Love and peace

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  1. Beautiful and comforting thoughts from God's Word, Melinda. Very well done. My younger sister has 9 children, so I can envision your family dynamics. My wife Jean and I are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators and spent 05-08 in Manila, PH--a place remarkably similar in terms of dense population and poverty, to Port au Prince. There is a fabulous, dynamic Christian ministry to Orphans there headed by Jeff and Colene Long, KIM, Kids International Ministies. I encourage you to consider this option to follow your heart for orphans. Be sure to let Jeff know that Del and Jean Archer referred you. We would love to connect further with you.
    FYI the husband of a HS classmate of mine is the childhood friend of Molly Hightower's father. Thanks for remembering Ron and Bridgette in your prayers. Ron has only recently come to Faith in Jeus. Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts for these families. Blessings and prayers, Del